NotGNU Emacs Editor

NotGNU is a freeware, user-friendly, emacs-style text editor -- similar to GNU Emacs but much smaller and lighter, with a Windows look and feel. It is available for DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2k/XP machines and linux.

Some NotGNU features:

  • very small, fast and stable
  • uses system virtual memory and can read very large files
  • keystroke macro support with the ability to record, save and recall macros
  • customizable toolbar and right-mouse popup menu
  • customizable key combo settings
  • regular expression search & replace support
  • rectangular cut and paste
  • undo stack
  • compiler call support
  • fits on a floppy with room to spare
  • There is no extension language or syntax coloring support at this time.

This product is freeware. The only requirement is that this product not be bundled with a for-fee product without prior permission. Other distribution is allowed so long as the attached copyright is adhered to.

Please send me mail if you try this editor; I would appreciate any/all comments. Otherwise, enjoy and find it useful; that's the overall goal. Postcards welcome. ~ Julie Melbin

Note: This is the current official download site for notgnu updates. When you see it referenced elsewhere, please point people to this site (