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NotGnu has a long-time and loyal set of users who have not only used NotGnu over the years, but have contributed suggestions, testing and work on NotGnu and it's documentation. Now you can also contribute tips for others. To contribute, email Julie Melbin (Julie AT with a write-up of your tip. Thanks!

A Script Alternative to NotStart

Using a scripting language called AutoIt I wrote one which can be used to emulate notstart.exe. This works under Windows 98 SE and maybe other 32-bit Windoze.

; don't show the tray icon
HideAutoItWin, On
; send out the stream at max speed
SetKeyDelay, 0
IfWinExist, notGNU, , GoTo, exists
; open ntnot with the filename including path
Run, %MEHOME%\\ntnot.exe "%1% %2% %3% %4%"
; bring to front to receive keys
WinActivate, notGNU
; find-file with the filename including path
Send, ^x^f^u%1%^{SPACE}%2%^{SPACE}%3%^{SPACE}%4%{ENTER}

Once this is compiled into whatever.exe using AutoIt, you can drop files onto it or associate it with extensions and double-click away.

If ntnot is not running, it gets fired up to open the text file. If ntnot is running, find-file gets invoked. It probably gets screwed up if there's more than three spaces in the path/filename.

Download a compiled copy here.

Thanks to George R. Young for this tip. (ag136 AT

Warning: WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows 2000
notGNU makes use of the Windows timer mechanism in order to support a number of internal functions. Updating the title bar is the most obvious; checking for autosave might be less visible but is pretty important. Cursor display, others are all driven by the Windows timer.

IF you see strange behavior related to something that appears to be an automatic periodic function in notGNU and you are running Windows 2000, perhaps this link addresses your concern.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 322913:
WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows 2000

As always, feel free to send an email with questions.
Julie Melbin, 12/2002

Created with NotGNU
Rob Bryant asked if there were any 'created with NotGNU' button images, then, finding the answer was 'no' he created these for anyone to use. Enjoy.

Created with NotGNU Created with NotGNU

Please don't link to the image on this site, but copy it to your server. Thanks.